When you're searching for dependable CCTV suppliers, make sure to choose a company who also offer reliable CCTV installation services. Otherwise, newly-purchased surveillance equipment could be misconfigured, or even damaged.


Based in Winston, Darlington, SECURE FIT CCTV ensures that the security solutions we provide are installed not just correctly, but optimally.

All manner of CCTV systems are supplied and installed by our capable family business. Repairs, re-installations, and upgrades are also available. Offering our services to both domestic and commercial customers, we take pride in performing a friendly, personal service, unlike larger companies.


We are a family business with fresh ideas, 

What we do need, and do have, is sound knowledge of what is current now, and how to correctly install and set up TODAYS CCTV technology. 
If you are looking for the latest technology and someone with the skills, knowledge and know how to correctly install so that intruders can be identified, then that IS us. 
There is very little point in buying a generic cctv system from a high street store that will cover a large field of vision but will not be give a big enough or clear enough image to actually identify an intruder. you might as well just fit a dummy camera because the image will be useless. 
The whole Point of CCTV when being used as a security measure and not just for surveillance is to obtain an identity in the event of intrusion is it not?. Knowing which type of camera and what location it needs to be sited is fairly critical when installing CCTV as an effective security device, here at Secure fit we have the knowledge and the skills required.


Customer service is very important to us and you the customer are our future reputation. 
I personally guarantee you will not be disappointed with any aspect of our service.

   Neil Husband - owner





Contact us on 07748967045.  We'll be happy to tell you more about our work.

"Your 90% less likely to be burgled with CCTV installed" stastic by Yale.

2 year on site warranty Available on all systems fitted

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